Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter has a tire pressue monitoring system (TPMS). But only on their 4 wheels chassis. The 3500XD that Winnebago uses for the View/Navion motorhome is a 6 wheels chassis. So the onboard TPMS is disabled. The only way to have a TPMS is to use aftermarket TPMS. Unfortunately, there's no aftermarket TPMS that can use the chassis' onboard TPMS display. This means that the aftermarket TPMS will have a separate display that must be mounted somewhere on the dash.


The TireMinder TPMS will keep an eye on the tire pressure of all 6 tires on Voyager. It will alert of any leak or potential problems with under/over inflated tires. It'll also keep track of tire pressures of each tire at all times. The tire monitor sensor replaces the valve cap of each tire. It does weigh more than the regular valve cap. So it can potentially bring havacs to rubber stems, causing them to crack and leak. Good thing is that Voyager is now equiped with Borg Metal Valve Stems. No need to worry about the rubber stems.


The installation is quite simple. The most difficult part is to install the wireless extender. Even though Voyager wheelbase is not very long, TireMinder insist on installing this extender as it supposedly helps with interference as well. I spent a little over 20 mins under Voyager to look for a spot to install the extender. I decided on a spot next to the landing gear (levelers) hydrolic resevoir on the driver side. I used the encluded zip ties to secure it on a bunch of wire conduits. Then I tapped into the additional rear camera that was installed for the Aft Sensor Array mod for the 12v and ground.



Then it just matter of programming each tire pressure sensor into the display unit. Just follow the simple instructions in the manual to do this step. Going around to each tire and replace the valve cap with the tire pressure sensors. For the display, I ordered ProClip mounting for the 2019 Sprinter A pilar mount. The TireMinder display uses a 4 prong Richter style mount on the back. So I ordered ProClip 4 prong adapter to mount the display to the ProClip A pilar mount.


Minder Research TireMinder i10 with 6 transmitters:



TireMinder i10 with 6 transmitters on Amazon:



ProClip 2019 Sprinter A pilar mount:



ProClip 4 Prong/Richter adaptor:


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