Subspace Communication Array (Satellite Dish)

We don't typically watch much TV on the road. But occasionally, it would be nice to watch a show or movie to wind down the evening. We subscribe to DISH Network at home. So adding a DISH Network compatible satellite dish in Voyager just adds $7 to our house subscription. I went with the new King DISH Tailgator Pro. After some research, I noticed that it was very easy to install. Especially when Voyager is pre-wired for roof Satellite. I had all the parts and adhesives (VHB tape and Dicor) ready to go. Winnebago also flaunted that they have added a junction box on the roof for everything. So, naturally, I figured I just needed to run a coax cable from the satellite dish to the junction box. I expected the junction box already has a coax receptacle that's wired down to the TV entertainment area. You can imagine the big surprise when I went on the roof and found that the junction box is just a blank box, with no holes, no connectors. It's just there for you to install connectors into the box yourself.


So where the heck is the pre-wired satellite calbel? Looking around, found a sticker that has a crosshair and labeled "Pre-wired Satellite cable". Below that was an instruction to drill a hole at the crosshair to fish for the pre-wired cable. I'm not an expert on drilling into fiberglass. As in the matter of fact, after a bit of research, drilling into fiberglass is very difficult. One little mistake and the fiberglass will crack. I don't want to do that. So I took it over to an RV shop to have them install the satellite dish. A few hours later, mostly waiting for the adhesive to dry, I now have DISH Network hooked up to the TV.


King DISH Tailgator Pro with Wally receiver:

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