Shuttle Bay (Cargo Carrier)

When we were looking for our next RV, we tried to figure out how it'll carry my electric wheelchair. Even though my electric wheelchair is lightweight and compact, it is still too much to lug in and out of the RV. So I started to scout for different kind of tow hitch cargo carriers. When I came across this carrier, I pointed to it ans said "this is it!" It is on the expensive side, but I figured that it is an essential need for me to travel. So I went for it. After installing it onto Voyager, it became clear that it's not a Carbo Bay, instead it is the Shuttle Bay for my electric wheelchair, which had the name of Bumblebee for it can transform, but now maybe the Delta Flyer!


This product is made in Canada. Very well designed and well made. It sits on a hitch frame. You can order it with different kind of hitch frame. I decided to order the one that can swing out. When it came, it is defaulted to swing to the driver side. After careful consideration, I wanted it to swing out to the passenger side. This way, we can have access to it when we set up camp and the patio would be on the passenger side. This also would make sense as most sidewalks are also on the passenger side. So to swing it out before getting the electric chair out would be a bonus. The difficult thing about switching the direction it swings is the heavy duty pivot pin that connects the carrier frame to the hitch frame. We had to use a large hammer in order to get it out and put it in on the other side.


Since this is a Canadian made product, it has to be freight shipped from Canada. It is shrink wrapped onto a pallet. It is shipped on a 18-wheeler (think semi truck). So make sure your home can handle an 18-wheeler to come though. If not, it can be shipped to either a freight company like UPS Freight or to your RV dealer.


You can't purchase it through Komo Creations from the U.S. You must go through their U.S. distributor, E. Carrier Shelving Company.


Komo Creations Multi-purpose Chest

U.S. Distribution: E. Carrier Shelving Company

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