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While away from Voyager, it would be nice to keep an eye on it remotely. I decided to use a web/IP cam. But finding the right web/IP cam can be difficult. In the pre-warp drive days, just about all web/IP cams has the ability to send snapshots via FTP to your web server to be viewed online. Now-a-days, not so much. I was very estatic when I came across this camera. It didn't have the highest resolution, but high enough that I'm pleased with it. I didn't want to have too high of a resolution to keep the Subspace Communication to a minimum. So I ordered it.


When I received the camera, I also returned it immediately. It is HUGE! It stands 5" tall, and 4"x4" base. All the IP cams that I have in the house are less than 1/4 the size of this thing. Being on an internal network, I was ok without the extra features that this one has for the house. I wanted the extra features like the FTP, so I can monitor Voyager remotely without a static IP address. But I couldn't find any other camera that has these features. So I caved and decided to use this camera anyway.


The bracket that came with it for wall/ceiling mounting is also useless. It bends in the wrong way, and you can't use it in reverse, so it uses up even more precious space. I got an L bracket to use with it instead. The L bracket is too thin to be used with the mounting screw that came with the camera. The mounting screw also only goes 1/4" into the camera. So I had to use a nylon spacer and a rubber washer to have the screw go into the camera through the thin L bracket just right. I mounted it at the edge of the dinette wall to be able to keep an eye on the entire front of Voyager. The camera can be panned and tilted to see more. Another reason why I like it.


It has a security features where it will notify me via email with a snapshot if it detects motion in defined zone. It can be accessed live via their cloud storage server. Most other web/IP cams has this feature. But I wanted more than that. With the FTP, I can have it send regular snapshots to my FTP server, where my web server can pick it up and use in the website. I can't wait to get that configured and be able to use it on this website. So stay tuned.


Amcrest 4MP IP Camera

* I am not affiliated with the link above.




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