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There are a lot of wasted dead space in the bathroom. One such space is the space between the medicine cabinet and the wardrobe wall. It's about 5.25" wide and a little over a feet deep that can be utilized. It took a long time, but I finally found the perfect shelf that can go in there. The shelf is available on Amazon.com and it is made out of thin metal. So it is very sturdy and strong. It is 12" x 5", just perfect for that dead space. It comes in a set of 2. Installation wasn't easy as the space to work in is tight. Trying to get hands in a 5.25" space can get a bit creative. Hopefully, this write-up will help someone who is trying to install this shelf.


With the 1-1/2" of lip on the shelf, the space doesn't allow too much room for the shelf to move around or even tilt very much. So the only support that it needs are the 2 holes on the back. But I feel that a 3 point support would be better. So I used an L bracket for the 3rd point of support that goes onto the medicine cabinet.




First, you'll need 2 L brackets with 1/2" screws, one L bracket for each shelf. You'll want to figure out how high you want to install the shelves. I installed the first one about 1" above the Winnebago logo towel hook that's on the wardrobe wall. That way, you can still use the hook for hand towel. Mark that height on the side of medicine cabinet. Since the 5.25" space is too narrow for a drill, I didn't drill a pilot hole. I just screw the L bracket directly into the medicine cabinet side.


Next, you'll need to figure out how deep you want the shelf to go into the back. I opted to keep the shelf as far forward as possible without interfering the wardrobe door operation. I have my shelf about 1/4" away from the wardrobe door. I had my coach leveled using the levelers. Then I put my cell phone in the shelf with the bubble level app running. The app will use the phone's gyroscope to show if the phone is level or not. You can also use an actual bubble level to level the shelves. While having the shelf resting on the L bracket on the medicine cabinet side, move the shelf up and down along the wall until the bubble level shows that the shelf is level. Then use a black marker pen to mark the 2 screw holes up against the wall. Remove the shelf. The wardrobe wall is made with 2 thin panels sandwiched hollow air. The screws that came with the shelves are just long enough to set into the inner panel, but not through it. Exactly what we want.


The outer forward screw hole is easy to work with. Use a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole on the outer panel of the hollow wall. Do not use the anchor that came with the shelves. It's not needed. Just use the screws directly into the wall. Screw the screw in without the shelf to make the screw bite into the panel. Then remove the screw. For the 2nd hole, there's not enough room in that 5.25" width to work with. A drill will not fit in there. So instead, I used a nail, hammering it into the 2nd hole marking using the flat side of a closed plumber's wrench. Be patient, it can take a while. But well worth it as the screw will go in easier with a pilot hole than without in that tight space. Remove the nail and screw the screw into the hole without the shelf to get the screw to bite into the hole. Then remove the screw and put the shelf in place. Then just screw the 2 screws in. You'll need a short screw driver or a small rachet set with philips screw driver bit. Put the included decorative cap onto the screw head.


WARNING: For the 2020/2021 24D floorplan, there's a black tank vent pipe that goes along the back corner of the back wall and the wardrobe wall. DO NOT use longer screws than the ones included with the shelves.


1/2" screws



3/4" L Brackets



Small bathroom shelves 12" x 5"


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