Expandable Towel Rack

There's not a whole lot of room to keep towels in the bathroom. We can certianly hang them on the shower rod. But what about when you are taking a shower? Winnebago included one (1) towel hook on the wall. That's it. Just one. So I wanted to put in more ways to have towels in the bathroom. I started searching for the perfect towel rack. Came across this one on Amazon and decided to give it a try.


It is an expandable towel rack that can be pulled out and pushed back in. I also like that the length of the rod is adjustable. So you can mount it at any length your space allows. The anchoring method is the same as the floating shelf above the toilet in the Floating Shelves mod. The only difference is that on the right side, the valance and shower enclosure are very close together, not leaving much room for the mounting bracket. However, the valance is very well mounted to the wall. The blinds is then mounted to the valance, not the wall. So it is very strong. I was able to wiggle the right mounting bracket under the valance and use the valance partially to keep the bracket on the wall. Then I just needed to drill holes and use the hollow wall anchor on the mounting bracket. The 2 screws into the wall and the valance kept the towel rack so secure that it doesn't even wobble.


I was planning to do the same on the left mounting bracket. But when I started to drill the hole into the panel, the drill hit a metal plate. I think that's how the valance is anchored so strongly to the wall. Without knowing how thick the metal plate is, I decided not to drill into the metal plate. Instead I just extended the rods and moved the left mounting bracket a bit further away from the valance.


The top of the towel rack was meant to be flat. I figured with Voyage on the road and moving, I wanted a lip on the outer edge of the rack. I did that by using a metal plate with the proper holes to extend the outer most rod holder upwards. So there's another hole on the outer most rod holder that's higher than the others. The rack is designed to have 2 rods that can be used to hang towels on the bottom. I only used one there and used the other one as the higher outer rod holder as a lip. I loved the result.


Ogrmar Stainless Steel Expandable Towel Rack



1/8" Hollow Wall Pop Anchors



3" Mending Plates


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