Engineering Station (ScanGuage)

As with any Star Fleet starship, Engineering Station is a must to keep on top of all the parameters of the Warp Drive. We can accomplish that with the latest ScanGuage II. This ScanGuage can display all sorts of guages and information on the Mercedes Benz engine. The best part is that it's very easy to install. All it needs is to plug directly into the ODB-II connector under the dash. The 2019 MB Sprinter no longer hides the ODB-II connector behind a footwell panel. It's is directly accessible under the driver side dashboard. Making the installation a breeze. It includes a very detailed (but small printed) user's manual that walks you through the configuration and calibrating the ScanGuage. There is a couple of configurations that needs to be set as this is a Diesel engine. Once that's setup, you can get all sorts of readings. For calibrations, it'll need a few fill up information to get accurate calculations.


ScanGugae II website:

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