Aft Sensor Array (True Rear View Mirror)

The 2021 Winnebago View uses the Mercedes Benz 2019 Sprinter 3500 chassis. The 2019 chassis was completely redesigned by Mercedes Benz. It now comes with fully voice controlled computer/entertainment/navigation system called MBUX, which stands for Mercedes Benz User eXperience. It's a great system. One of the handful flaws that it has is that you can't use the rear view camera independently from the reverse gear. Meaning that you can only see the rear view camera when the vehicle is in reverse. And then it'll stay on when driving forward up to 10 MPH. There's no switch or on screen button to get to the rear view camera. So if you wanted to see the rear of your vehicle, like towing a toad, or having anything on the tow hitch, you can't keep an eye on it. The rear view mirror in the vehicle is also useless as all it does is allow you to see inside your coach. Not much use there unless you want to see how your passengers are doing in the dinette, or to see if anything fallen out while driving.


So this mod is to add a second rearview camera and have it displayed on a LCD monitor that's mounted on the rearview mirror. The monitor will display constantly what's on the rear view camera. It's really easy to install until the mounting of the rearview camera and routing the wires to it. I found this dashboard/rearview camera monitor that can also record the front view and the rear view cameras at the same time. So it's a great way to have prove in case of any accident or incident with the RV.


VanTop H610 10" 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

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