2020 Memorial Weekend (Maiden Voyage)

We just purchased a new 2021 Winnebago View 24D. It was delivered to us on 5/16/2020. What better way to get a shakedown and maiden voyage than to go on a trip during Memorial weekend. Not many places are open due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one of our favorite RV park and campground in Oregon, Umpqua's Last Resort, is going to be open for the Memorial weekend. We have not been to Umpqua's Last Resort for almost 2 years. So we decided to give it a go.


We love Umpqua's Last Resort as it is in the middle of Umpqua National Forest in the middle of Oregon. It's along the Umpqua river and very scenic and beautiful. The RV spots are spatious and spread out inter mixed with cabins and tent sites. They even have a tiny house that you can rent. With so much you can do around the resort, like swimiming spots along rivers and side streams, rafting in the Umpqua river, waterfalls, hot springs, and close proximity to Crator Lake, it's a great spot to camp.

Leg 1 - Renton, WA (Home) to Wilsonville, OR


5/21/2020  9:00 PM  Renton, WA  Home
5/22/2020 12:00 AM Wilsonville, OR French Prairie Rest Area (Southbound)


Got off work at around 4:30 PM. Went to get Voyager out of the storage and filled up with fuel. Then we started to load things into it. It was Voyager's maiden voyage. So we were still trying to figure out how to load everything in. Michael figured out to organize things using Amazon shipping boxes cut to the proper heights. It worked out really well and fit the drawers perfectly.


We had a late start. I drove all night non-stop to French Prairie Rest Area in Wilsonville, OR, to stay the night. The rest area was full. We had to share a semi-truck spot with another camper. I used the landing gears (levelers) to keep Voyager stable and level. We finally went to sleep at around 12:45 AM.














Leg 2 - Wilsonville, OR to Roseburg, OR

5/22/2020 9:30 AM Wilsonville, OR French Prairie Rest Area (Southbound)
5/22/2020 9:35 AM Aurora, OR Flying J Travel Center
5/22/2020 1:00 PM Roseburg, OR Walmart Supercenter
5/22/2020 3:00 PM Roseburg, OR Fred Meyer Fuel Center


Woke up around 8:00 AM. Michael started on breakfast. The murphy bed was so nice and easy to put up. We can even leave the sheets and beddings on while folding the murphy bed away. So convinient to put the bed out of way and out of sight. My back didn't like the bed mattress. I think the mattress is a bit too hard. Putting foam topper on the list of things to get. 


After breakfast, we got on the road. Not knowing how far a tank will go for Voyager, I decided to stop in the Flying J in Aurora, OR, to re-fuel. Keeping track of the fuel milage so I can better guess how far Voyager can go in between refueling.


Then we're back on the road again. Michael wanted to try the dinette seating so he can lay down with the seat belt on. He found the foot rest was just a bit too short to lay down comfortablely. So adding an ottoman to extend the footrest on the list of things to get.


We got to Wallmart in Roseburg, OR,  to pick up a few things like trash bin, DEF, Clorox disinfecting wipes, sponge, and misc stuff and food that we forgot to bring with us. Then it was off to refuel again as there's not much chance of refueling in Umpqua National Forest. Once we got refueled at the Fred Meyer Fuel Center (there were long lines at the pumps), we got on the way to Umpqua National Forest.




Leg 3 - Roseburg, OR to Umpqua's Last Resort, OR


5/22/2020 3:00 PM Roseburg, OR Fred Meyer Fuel Center
5/22/2020 4:00 PM Idleyld Park, OR Umpqua's Last Resort


The one hour drive from Rosebug, OR, to Umpqua's Last Resort was pleasant and scenic. Voyager did sway quite a bit on the curvy road. We decided that we need to add sway bar and better shock to Voyager. The old Voyager had all the tanks below the floor which made the van's center of gravity very low. That made the van drove very stable. The new Voyager has tanks positioned a bit higher. And other things like appliances and storage that made the new Voyager's center of gravity much higher. So I'll need to do some research into getting sway bar and shocks for the new Voyager.


When we pulled up to Umpqua's Last Resort, familiar faces greeted us to check us in. We kept our social distancing, catched up a bit, they admiring our new rig, and then proceeded to pull into our RV spot. Going through the hookups was mostly a breeze. The challenge was trying to get Voyager lined up just right into the spot, so we can have the slide out without any damage from the trees. The landing gears worked great. And we're set to enjoy the wonderful weekend with new and old friends.


Leg 4 - Umpqua's Last Resort, OR to Renton, OR (Home)

5/25/2020 11:00 AM Idleyld Park, OR Umpqua's Last Resort
5/25/2020 2:30 PM Aurora, OR Flying J Travel Center
5/25/2020 7:00 PM Renton, WA Home


After a great weekend relaxing and distance socializing with wonder friends in the great outdoor, we reluctantly said goodbye to Umpqua's Last Resort. Headed back out on the road and heading home. Made a stop at the Flying J again in Aurora, OR, to refuel. There weren't too much traffic like before when at the end of the long weekend, there were always lots of traffic for everyone heading back to Portland and Seattle area. We were able to get home at a descent hour, unloaded Voyager, and took it back to storage. What a great maiden voyage for Voyager. Can't wait for the next adventure!

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Yasuhiko Obara 8:40 AM 11/18/2020
Last time I checked Renton is in WA, not in OR, as in your last entry. My daughter's family lives there, so I should know.