2020 Labor Day Weekend

One of the Facebook group that we belong to, had planned a group camping trip to Mineral, WA, which is only about 70 miles away. I was having a very hard week at work as the new school year started with all students doing remote learning. Michael wasn't feeling up to it. So I decided that I needed this get away. So I took Voyager out for the Labor Day weekend. Fortunately, on Sunday, Michael was feeling better and decided to drive down to Mineral to stay for 1-1/2 days.


9/4/2020 - Since it was only about 70 miles from the house, I just drove directly there. It took about 1-3/4 hour to get there. I left the house around 7 PM, and got there right before 9 PM. There was a lot of traffic heading out of town. But not too bad. The most of the traffic was on 161 where it's a surface street going through many strip malls and retail stores. After I get there, Matt was very kind to direct me to the group campground where everyone is at. Since it was dark, I wasn't sure of the layout of the group campground. I drove past where they had intended me to park and was greeted by 2 campers. They were kind enough to let me know where I'm supposed to park. They were quite amazed that I was able to turn my RV around in such tight area and parked into my spot.


The camp site doesn't have any hookup. But I knew that going in. I have enough for boondocking for a few days. I deployed the landing gears (levelers) and extended the slide out. Put on the external cab window shade as well as the internal shades. Turned the cab seats around and placed the booster seats on them. Quickly grabbed the sandwich that Michael started to made for me. Finish making it, sat in the dinette with a wine cooler to relax and ate my dinner.


I then grabbed my mixed drink, the lantern flashlight, my cane, and headed up to the group campground central. There are seats all gathered around a wood stump with 4 candles on it. There is a wood fire ban at the moment. there are many chairs, but only about 6 people was gathered at the time. I introduced myself and as each one greeted me with their names, it was too many names to try to match with candle lit faces. But I tried my best to remmber their names. I didn't bring my chair. But they said just pick any one of them. So I picked the closest empty seat to me and planted myself. Relaxing and getting to know the people all the while keeping social distancing. It was so great to relax and let the work stress float right out of me.


We chatted and laughed until one by one, they all went off to their own tents. I think it was close to midnight before I bid my goodnight to the 2 remaining people and headed back to my glamp. I put the murphy bed down, turned off the lights, and went right to sleep.


9/5/2020 - I finally got up aroun 9:30 AM. Opened up the blinds to enjoy the sunlight coming into the RV. Wait, what happened to the sunshine? There isn't any. It was completely overcast. I figured that it might burn off by the sun. I put the awning out and laid out the carpet. Set up a couple of lounge chairs and a folding table. I then had cereal for breakfast and waving at people as they walked by the path. Ed came over and told me they made waffles at the group camp. I said I wish I'd known. I just had a my cereal.


I pulled out my folding cart and hauled a few things to the group camp. There were only a few people were there. Some went off to visit Mt Rainier. But most returned fairly quickly as the weather is not cooperating and there was a long long line of cars trying to get into Mt. Rainier. One group didn't come back until really late in the afternoon as they waited over an hour to get into the park and stayed there for the afternoon. The rest of us just hanged out at the group camp.


I read on one of their FB posts that there was a wood burn ban. So I brought my propane fire ring. But since I'm not parked near the group camp, we needed propane to run it. Ed went and got one from his nephew, Matt, and started to put this thing together. As it nears completion and ready to light it, everyone got up and stepped away from the ring. I was a bit puzzled. But one of them told me that it might be wise to step a few steps back. The group was all just joking and laughing. There was a slight poof. But it wasn't bad at all. It was lit. But for some reason, the flames were very low. We turned the knobs on the ring and the propane tank to fhe highest and yet, the flame was very low. Not much heat was coming out of it. I think the regulator might need to be cleaned or replaced.


Appearantly, the traller that they had set aside for bathroom and shower, wasn't able to get the hot water heater working. So I offered the group to use my shower in the RV. One of the 3 Eds (I'll call him Ed 2) was the first to use it and loved it. He asked a lot of questions about RVs and campers. Ed 2 and his hubby, Doug, wanted to go see the country. I told them about my first camper van and how I went to see so much of this country with it. They are very interested in getting a small camper now. Wishing them the best.


For dinner, Ed 1 and Jeremy cooked BBQ chicken for us and we all chipped in with sides. There were a lot of delicious home made side dishes. I brought a potatoe salad and 3 big bottles of liquer. I think the Fireball was the most popular of the 3. I was quite surprised that hardly anyone touched the Jagermeister. We had a great night talking about things and sharing stories around the fire ring. I think it was close to midnight again before I head back to the glamp.


9/6/2020 - Got up around 8:30am. I checked my home's security cameras and noticed that my hunnybun, Michael, is packing to come down to join us. That put me in such a happy mood. I opened up the blinds and there's sunshine! Not a single cloud in the sky. Oh this will be a glorious day. I had my cereal for breakfast and head up to the group camp. At the group camp, everyone was getting ready to head out for the gorgeous day. Some are heading to Mt Rainier for some hiking, some are going for bike rides, and other's are getting their inflatable kayaks ready for a nice day on the lake. They all asked me to join, but I had to refuse as I know Michael is on his way down to the campground. They all agreed that I'm way too nice to make sure he get here to someone waiting for him.


I waited outside sitting under the awning and drinking some juice and iced tea just enjoying the somewhat little view I have of the lake. Michael came in without any problems and we were locked in embrace because we missed each other. Then Ed 3, who happens to know Michael came by to give him a hug and said that the bathroom trailer is flooded with water. So he had to go find Matt to get it fixed. Michael and I decided to go down to the lake and went onto the dock to enjoy the sunny day by the lake. It was a great day.


We then went back to the group camp and introduced Michael to the rest of the group. Some of the group was leaving as they start to head home. The rest of us stayed another night. We had fun chatting and laughing. Michael and I bid good night as the nightfall gets chilly.


9/7/2020 - We got up around 9am. It was another sunny day. Michael started cooking breakfast and I started putting the murphy bed away.